Advanced Markets


Captive Insurance Arrangements

A captive insurance company is a private insurance company that is set up to insure the risks of a single parent company. It is a proven strategy for risk management that large corporations have employed for years. It is becoming an increasingly practical alternative for many small to mid-size businesses.

Executive Compensation

Keeping the best and the brightest of talent an integral part of the business is a challenge for owners..  There are a number of strategies and designs using life insurance that can help to strengthen that relationship beyond providing a good benefits package.

Premium Financing/Exit Plans

Premium financing is a profitable alternative to paying cash to fund a life insurance policy. Typically used by high net worth individuals, premium financing is a solution for those who are looking for a more efficient way to secure their wealth for future generations. If they don’t want to use their liquid capital to pay life insurance premiums, they can borrow the money to pay the premiums and in turn lower gift taxes and out-of-pocket costs. Premium financing results in creating substantial wealth for the insured’s beneficiaries. Premium financing is highly effective when the equity in hard assets, that is otherwise not creating wealth, is utilized.

Special Needs Planning

To provide for a disabled family member’s personal care during lifetime and after the death of the caregivers (often the parents) is a specialized area of planning.  There are many ‘moving parts’ that involve governmental benefit support  and require expertise to manage.