Advisor Center

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IFP Insurance Group is committed to providing additional value-added services that enhance our agents’ ability to serve their clients’ best interests. If you are looking for access to the status of your cases, carrier forms, e-applications, and more, they are available for your access on the following pages of the Advisor Center. You’ll also find white papers, industry news, and useful, timely information about life insurance planning.

Where to find it:

  • Accelerated Underwriting – All term cases of $1M or less and many perm cases as well! Go to the Accelerated Underwriting page in the drop down under Advisor Center.
  • Training – The training page is constantly being updated. Here you will find information on how to submit business, how to follow cases through underwriting, and product-specific information.
  • Quotes – the left side of each page in the Advisor Center.
  • Quote request tools – for any non-term case or any case with underwriting challenges, please complete a quote request form found on the Resources Page in the Advisor Center.
  • For Underwriting Guidelines (build charts, requirements, product features, and guidelines) check out the Underwriting Guidelines in the Underwriting Tools section of the Advisor Center.
  • To set up a Kelle App, please provide the link to Kelle’s Calendar or use that link yourself to schedule. One appointment per application or person.