Accelerated Underwriting Overview

If your client doesn't meet the criteria for a lab-free program, valuable time can be saved with drop ticket submissions at Protective or Principal. Protective also has the smoothest and quickest process for any policy face amount of age
John HancockTerm and Term with Vitality (Does NOT include SmartProtect Term with Vitality)18 - 80Super Preferred non-Smoker
Preferred Non-Smoker
Standard Plus Non-Smoker
Standard Non-Smoker
Preferred Smoker
Standard Smoker
Min: $100,000
John Hancock Term (2017) and John Hancock Term with Vitality Gold (2017)Lesser of the end of the level term period or attained age 70. First 4 years to any sinle life permanent product offered at that time, year 5 and on - JH designated product
Lincoln FinancialTermAccel 15, 20 or 30 year terms (Waiver of Premium Rider, Accelerated Benefit Rider, Children's Term Rider available)18-50Preferred Plus NT
Standard Substandard Classes
Min: $100,000
Max: $500,000
TermAccel Underwriting
Licensing and Contracting Validated prior to initiation of eTicket
Complete eTicket via iGo
Telephone Interview (Lincoln will call client to schedule)
*Pre-Interview Worksheet available
Rx Check, MVR, MIB, ID Check (Carrier)
If client qualifies, policy sent to Advisor for eDelivery
If client does not qualify, paramed service will contact client to arrange add'l requirements (labs/physical measurements, etc.) *Not available in NY
For the first 7 years convertible prior to the end of the level premium payment period or prior to insured's attained age 70, whichever comes first. To any qualifying permanent life policy available at the time of conversion. In year 8 and thereafter, convertible to one specific permanent product yet to be determined.
Minnesota LifeAll single-life products
LTC rider and CIR available
18-54Preferred Select NT
Preferred NT
Non-Tobacco Plus
Standard NT
Preferred Tobacco
Standard Tobacco
Min: $250,000
Max: $1,000,000
WriteFit Underwriting
Quick eApp via iGo
Telephone Interview (Exam One calls client)
If client wants to call: 800.658.3208
MIB, Rx check, MVR, credit information, court records, and property records check (Carrier)
*Note: Exam WILL be scheduled at end of phone interview. *Client to schedule 10 days - 2 weeks out to allow time for lab-free consideration.
If exam NOT needed, MNL will cancel, policy issued and mailed to AgencyONE. If client directed to traditional UW, exam will take place as scheduled.
All permanent products are available for conversion.
PrincipalAll Term Products
IUL VUL SUL Benefit VUL II (NY only)
18-60Super Preferred NT
Preferred NT
NON-Tobacco ONLY
Min: $50,000
Max: $1,000,000
The minimum face amount for term is $200,000.
Accelerated Underwriting
Telephone Interview (888-TeleApp, Option 2) - Prior to app OK
Complete DROP TICKET via iGo
MVR, Rx check, MIB (Carrier)
If approved, policy issued and mailed to Advisor
All permanent products are available for conversion.
ProtectiveBoth Classic and Custom choice products18-45 for face amounts of $100k to $1M
46-60 for face amoungs of $100k to $500k
18-45 - Select Preferred,
Ages 46-60 - Select Preferred and Preferred
Min: $100,000
Max: $1M (see age on left)
Plus ProgramDifferent between Classic and Custom (see brochure on main page)
NationwideTerm - 10, 15, 20, and 30 years
No-Lapse GUL, IUL and Current Assumption UL (including LTC rider on UL and IUL products)
18 to 60 Accelerated
61 - 70 Intelligent only
All$100,000 to $1M Accelerated
$1M to 5M plus - Intelligent only
Intelligent UnderwritingAll permanent products
United of Omaha
(This is a simplified underwriting program - yes/no only. No medical underwriting)
Term Life Express 10, 15, 20 and 30 yr
GUL Express
18-65Standard NT
Standard Tobacco
Age: 18-50 - $50K - $300K
Age: 51-65 - $50K - $250K

Age: 18-65 - $50K - $99,999
Age: 18-50 - $100K - $300K
Age: 51-65 - $100K - $250K
Express Underwriting
eApp via iGO
MIB, Rx Check, MVR (mandatory ages 18-35; as-needed for ages 36-65) (Carrier)
Random Telephone Interview (MOO will call client if nec.)
Mandatory Telephone Interview for $250,001+ on Term and/or ages 61-65 on GUL (UOO will call client)
If approved, issued and mailed to advisor
Note: Child Whole Life Available : Ages 14days -17Yr; $5K-$30K
Express term products can only convert to the GUL Express product or Living Promise WL.
*For conversion options please see What You Need To Know in the Web access and running term quotes section of our training page.

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