Sales & Marketing Partners

Insurance Trust Monitor, Inc. (ITM)

Complete ILIT Administration & Risk Mitigation Solutions


Located in Cedar Falls, Iowa, ITM is the first to bring institutional quality risk management, trust administration and policy performance tracking expertise to both corporate and non-professional trustees of life insurance policies.

WealthStar AllianceSM (WealthStar)
Created by Aviva
CPA Firm Partnering Strategy and Software

WealthStar’s mission is to equip CPA affiliates with the necessary tools, resources, and training to effectively meet the complex needs and demands of their clients in the areas of asset management, retirement distribution planning, and wealth transfer.

Selling Technologies (ST)
Created by Aviva
CPA Firm Partnering Strategy and Software

ST brings the “You Tube” experience to financial services. By leveraging emotional content through concise video and avoiding any product references, their platforms add real value to the advisor/client/prospect relationship and consequently shortens the sales cycle.

Business Valuations

SPARDATA has 20 year of experience in helping owners understand the value of their business. Since their founding, SPARDATA has performed over 30,000 valuations. Their team of expert business valuation analysts holds credentials from the industry-leading National Association of Certified Valuation.

Response Mail Express (RME)
Marketing Support and Seminar Selling
RME is a direct mail marketing company located in Tampa, Florida. RME offers all the resources needed to maximize marketing efforts and return on investment. RME specializes in pre-designed and pre-printed High Impact Direct Mail designs including their unique Express Envelopes, matching letterhead, postcards and designer “stock” direct mail formats. RME provides full-service direct mail marketing (including lead generation and lead qualification) for marketing campaigns and seminar events.